Chapter Nine is here…

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Hey everyone,

so yes as you saw chapter 9 is up and while it doesn’t have any pictures throughout the chapter if you see one that you think fits in feel free to suggest them and if I add them I’ll credit you. The poll is still up and will be until 15th November, so get your votes in, for your say in what you’d prefer to see in future chapters. I love to hear from you so send in any questions you have and I’ll try and answer them as I can.Links to both the poll and the next chapter is below.

The Poll…

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Chapter 35 – So We Dance


It seemed appropriate to title this chapter for the back and forth our couple experiences. They find both the highest heights, and the lowest depths. For one, there is the reminder that life can be fragile, and that sometimes the thing you need most is the one you most fear.

Thank you, Ms Buffy. I hope these cool, damp, Fall days aren’t bothering you too much. I find I am most grateful for a day of rain. It will keep me inside, cleaning my house and working on my first floor stairs, in preparation for tiling the front hall. (One job, two job, red job blue job.)

My best to my readers. I hope your weekend is wonderful and that this taste of rain is a prelude to several more weeks of wonderful warm days and delicious crisp nights.

Chapter 35  – So We Dance

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Satisfied – A Walking Dead Fanfiction

A/N – I can’t seem to escape inspiration from music. Let’s see if y’all can guess this one. It’s a goody from the 90’s 😉 oh yeah and this is my first attempt at….ahem adult situations. No killing me for bad writing!! It actually wasn’t even my intent to have that whole scene, but I was inspired and that’s what came out. So this is a prison AU and I think I covered the basics of my universe. Hope you enjoy!

BTW – I don’t own the walking dead, just some blu rays and a Shiva t-shirt

Rick Grimes was a man of simple tastes, even before the dead started walking. He loved his small town life with his wife and son. He loved his mostly quiet job (though he had to admit the few times they had a good chase or something more than kids being…well kids he thrived…

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Beauty & The Beast is here

Imaginings of Nicolle1977

I am finally getting around to adding my Once Upon a Time entry from the Kittyinaz 2nd Quarter 2017 writing contest. Right after I submitted, my laptop went in for repair and after a month and a half, they decided to scrap it. Bonus was it was under warranty so they gave me full purchase price towards a new one but still, it takes awhile to get it up and running. Once I did, I was behind on work since I didn’t have my laptop. Anyway, here it is, the contest winner. Thanks so much to everyone that voted and to Kittyinaz for hosting these great contests and making the banners. Please ignore the mistake in the banner title.

Beauty & the Beast

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Chapter 16 of Dead Tired is finally here

Imaginings of Nicolle1977

So I want to apologize for the Looong delay in publishing. Needless to say, life has been insane but everyone is healthy so there’s that. Any way, since a lot of people aren’t writing at the moment, I thought I would give you all something to read to get your fix of E/S time. I hope you enjoy it.

Chapter 16

In case it’s been too long and you want to start over, here is the beginning link.

Dead Tired

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Anticipation – A Walking Dead Fanfiction

A/N: So I tend to get inspired by music and this one is no different. When I heard “Light It Up” by Luke Bryan, I thought of Daryl being obsessed with his phone after meeting a girl. And of course, that girl had to be Beth cuz… well Bethyl. ‘Nuff said. Anywho, enjoy!

“You check that damn phone one more time, Imma throw it out the goddamn winda!”

Merle Dixon’s voice was not what one would call melodious. It was harsh, raspy and grating if you weren’t used to it. But his “baby brotha” was used to it, so he paid it no mind. No instead he glanced at his phone one more time. He swore he saw something flash on it, but nope. Nothing there. He heaved a sigh and turned back to his now slightly warm beer. It wasn’t like he had checked every 30 seconds for the…

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