Annnndddd….. they finally meet!!!


Next chapter of Fashion Obsession up and ready for you.

Yup – a lot of you said you couldn’t wait until Eric and Sookie finally meet.  Well, here they are (big smile on my face).  Fashion Obsession – Chapter 5.

If you were familiar with the original story that I wrote, you will notice that this is where things start to change more than the first 4 chapters (which was a lot of fleshing out additions more than anything).  Oh and the Ick factor on Bill just ticked up another notch – there’s your warning.

Thank you Sephrenia and Kleanhouse for your help on this.  You ladies are Goddesses!  Sephrenia – your banners are AWESOME.

Now, I’m also going to be moving An Elegant Death out of Completed and putting it under it’s own Series Entitled:  FATE.  Why?  well I just started writing the next adventure for our Fav. Viking…

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Litha 2018

Brookie Twiling's Books

Heart pounding in her chest, anxiety filling her thoughts. The fustrated androgynous woman sat in her living room, NCIS playing on the TV, a laptop on her curled up lap as she let go of that annyoing thing named ‘fear’ and posted her first writing challenge…

Heyo all! Brookie here, been awhile- right? Just wanted to share with you my very first writing challenge, which is elemental-inspired and I am realising, on this annoyingly sunny Litha day. (I don’t care if it’s the Summer Solstice, Sol- you are annoying… and way. To. Freaking. Hot!)

Btw, if you haven’t figured it out, Litha is the Pagan/Wicca name for the Summer Solstice… at least I think it’s only them, eh, I’m still learning.

Anywho- click on the banner to get to the Elemental Writing Challenge page, I really hope you join in! I can’t wait to read your writing.Elemental Writing Challange Banner2



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Story Update: Chapter 25 of The Boot is finally ready

Hello all,

Today is Memorial Day in the U.S.  It’s a good time to spare a moment to those who have died and who currently serve the United States.

I, for one, wish to say thank you.

My father retired a Colonel in the Air Force; he was a pilot.  His father died in France in WWI.

My other grandfather was an airplane mechanic in WWII.  I had two uncles who fought in Vietnam and were never the same.

My stepfather also fought there and was a prisoner for a time; he was never the same.

Their wives and children had to be brave while they were gone and strong when they got back.  Yet–despite all the negatives–no member of my family ever expressed regret over being a soldier for the U.S.–even if they might have disagreed with policy at times.

I’ve always been exceedingly proud of the military members…

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Asked and Answered


Hi there!

I’m sorry I’ve been MIA.  Life has gotten crazy and I’ve just started a new job – but I’m hoping the commute (by bus) will allow me an hour or so a day to write.  However, I’ve been ask on more than one occasion about Deathly Fashion Sense.  I’ve removed it to rewrite it.  But I’ve been asked if I can repost the original for those of you who want to read it again.

So, I’ve created a new location called Unscriptedthat will house such items.

Deathly Fashion Sense is reposted in all it’s faults, bad grammar and poor sentence structure.  But since it was my first story, I think I did pretty well.  At least I hope I did.

I’ll be posting the new version soon as well as working on the next episode of AED.

Thank you all for reading and sending me notes. …

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