Breath Held…


Ever notice when things go really sideways, everything around you seems tense? It’s as though the very air stills, waiting for the release that good news brings, or the proof of passing danger. It is that most ancient of instincts, ‘flight or fight,’ kicking in, measuring your character and whispering things you should know.

Sometimes those things surprise you. You find an unknown reservoir of strength. You realize you do fight, and you hold grudges. You flee from situations you thought you were strong enough to face.

Each moment informs you, each opportunity, as difficult as it is, tells you some nugget about who you are behind the mirror of who you tell yourself you wish to be. It is a time to face things squarely and decide what you wish to change, and what aspects of your most intimate inner self, although uncomfortable, are those you will own, and…

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Story Update: The Boot

As long as you write, I’ll be reading!


This week’s chapter is ready for you!

BTW, Kleannhouse asked how long this story would be going, and I didn’t have an answer for her.  I can tell you that I am drafting Chapter 24 now, so at least that many.  However, it looks like this story might end up in the 100,000 words club.  We’ll see.  There’s a lot of ground to cover yet.  Originally, it was planned to be about as long as The Trunk, but it’s already gone past that.

Anyway, I thought I’d give you the update, especially for those of you anxious for me to move back to something else.  I did re-read Who’s Your Daddy? a while back, and I’m actually planning to return to that one when I’m done with The Boot, but that will be a while yet.  Sorry to all of you who are waiting patiently (and impatiently).  I know…

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Spring in Winter…


In New England, we celebrate the January thaw. It isn’t supposed to be as warm as it’s been recently, the temperatures warming into the fifties, and bulbs being fooled into sending their first shoots into the light. No, the January thaw is supposed to be nights in the teens and daytime in the forties. These warmer days just make our reaction more foolish.

We rush outside. We shed our winter coats and forget hats and mittens. Anywhere you see young people, there are guaranteed to be several in shorts, their wet sneakers plodding through the sad, dirty remnants of snow.

We get notions about garden planning and any nursery open sees an uptick in customers, staring at empty shelves where perennials will appear, when real Spring emerges.

In short, we find hope. It reminds us that although there will still be days (and days) of ice and cold, Spring does…

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Believe—Chapter 3

Interesting, and to think, without a mission from her pastor this may have come about!!! Great story!!

Carroll E.Stewart

Banner Believe, a Christmas storyThe characters of the Southern Vampire Mysteries belong to Miss Charlaine Harris. No infringement on my part is intended. The characters on True Blood belong to Mr. Alan Ball. No infringement on my part is intended.

I have no BETA, editor, or other such charming person. All mistakes are my own. This Story is rated M.

Believe—Chapter 3

Pearl Gettingsly was sorting through the ancient histories deep in the bowls of the chancellor’s manse. “What a laughable liability,” she felt like throwing something. “Right, like this manor is mine. Harpy shit piled on top of giant shit…” she hissed at no one.

This building could be shared by any godmother, and many claimed at as home, but it was the official and only residence for the godmother chancellor. Which was a pain in her ass because it tied her to one structure and made her easily found. Which she…

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Time for a Step Back…


Plain Sight is a bit of a step back. Until now, we’ve seen the events as they’ve unfolded from Sookie’s point of view. In Plain Sight, it’s time to step behind the curtain, seeing events first through Eric’s eyes, then Niall’s, and finally Pam’s.

All my best. My condolences to Ms Buffy. I am also crying tears in my Terrible Towel and vowing revenge for next year. Go Steelers!

Best to Gyllene, or Harlow Layne, which is her publishing name. You can follow her on Facebook. She has betas busy on her first original work.

Chapter 46 – Plain Sight

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