This site is just for reblogging all the wonderful people I follow on WordPress.  I moved sites to a self hosted one, and one of the bad side effects, is that there is no reblogging even of the WordPress Sites, even though my site is still through WordPress.  So I made this site to be able to do exactly that.

So follow the site if you want all the reblogs that I used to do on the old site!


4 thoughts on “About

  1. Ahhhhhh haaaaaa! A place to leave a reply!!!!!!!!!!!
    Dear Miss Kittyinaz….
    I finally found a place to leave a reply. You have all those beautiful pages!!! And alas, I cannot find anyplace to tell you how lovely they all are! So I just hit the like button….
    I am beginning to think that there is not a “leave a reply” box on each page….okay…I am old and not IT Savvy and I am old….just back to that….yes, sorry I am whining and crying and sniveling and I require a great big flashing sign like in Beetle Juice that says, “LEAVE A REPLY HERE” sob….so sorry…..flashing sign and all….another great big sigh….

    Okay, I think I clicked on the “about” in the upper right hand corner to get here….woof….see….no short term memory…
    …but any way!!!!! Thank you for reposting my story! And thank you for being so kind and talented and having beautiful pages for me to admire when I come this way!
    And thank you for that owl with the snow blowing across him…no kidding, I stop by just to admire that….!!!!!
    Have a most wonderful in your out and about time! We have big rumbles of thunder here…mmmmmm…yum….

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  2. Hi,

    I was in the middle of reading your story “What If” and then got a notice that my IP Address had been blacklisted. I’m so confused, I don’t believe I did anything wrong and now I can’t read anything on your website.

    Can you please look into it?



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