Happy St. Patrick’s Day

She’s back with another one, and that banner sure looks familiar!!!

Image result for alexander skarsgard leprechaun

It truly is amazing the stuff you can find on the internet.  I searched Alexander Skarsgard leprechaun and the picture above is what popped up.  I think it is fitting for today.

Sorry I missed posting last week, but Daylight Savings in the USA screwed me up.  Losing one hour completely wrecked my week.  I hope this week is better, but it’s supposed to be a full moon.  We’ll see how it goes.

You get two offerings this week for your reading pleasure.  The next chapter of The Wizard of Bon Temps is up.  The second is a one shot that I may expand on at a later date.  It is titled The Calendar Man.

My time to write is limited, but the muse is following again.  Just to give you a sneak peek, here is the chapter you will see next week.


In case you can’t tell, that’s…

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It’s March, why is it snowing?

Can someone please explain to me why I am seeing more snow in March than I did in the entire months of December and January????  I should be getting ready for spring, not worrying about shoveling 8 inches of snow.


The only way snow in March is acceptable is if it this is part of the landscape.

Banner 4

Anyway, I have three posts for you tonight.

The first post is the second chapter of The Wizard of Bon Temps.  The chapter is called The Scarecrow.

The second post is a one shot inspired by Adele’s song When We Were Young.  The one shot is called With Age Comes Wisdom.

The final post is the next chapter of Deception.  The chapter is called Understanding Your Past.

Happy reading my lovelies!

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The Wizard of Bon Temps

She’s back!!! All I can say is yeah!!

Hello lovelies.

I cannot guarantee I will be back to publishing weekly, but I will try.  My dear beta, kleannhouse, is in high demand trying to juggle the stories of three writers. She is amazing and she makes me laugh with all of her comments on my stories.

This one especially.

I started this story in 2015 for the wonderful Magsmacdonald.  Mags and I enjoyed teasing each other through our comments on WordPress.  She’d threaten to send flying monkeys after me or hit me with a frying pan; in turn, I often said I would take the high road.  This story is a result of her fascination with The Wizard of Oz.

Click here to read Chapter One.

Hopefully next week I will have a new one shot for you.

And here is some bicep porn that kleannhouse sent me last week.  Seriously, I want to lick that…

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Story Update: The Engine, Chapter 11

Hello all! I’m so glad to have a chapter of this story for you!!

I hope you enjoy it! I will say that WordPress has changed the editing tools, so my formatting might be a bit iffy until I figure things out, and–even then–I don’t know if I’ll be able to do everything that I used to do. In making things easier–supposedly–WordPress tends to make me frustrated. Anyway, I hope you enjoy reading!



Click me for the next chapter.

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