Story Update: Chapter 17 of The Trunk


I hope you all enjoy this week’s chapter!  Click Eric to check it out.  🙂




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Scotland bound….


Crows Come Home signals the next part of the story. Our couple is pledged, and though they fight, as newly-joined couples do, they have passed to the place where they no longer question being tied to each other. That doesn’t mean others are as accepting.

Fair notice – I leave for a holiday in Scotland in eighteen days, so the story will go on hiatus for a week or two. Unlike my walking holidays, this one is being called, “kilts and scotch, what could go wrong?’ I give no promises about the state of my brain cells on my return.

Thank you to all my readers, and thank you in particular to my wonderful editor and friend, Ms. Buffy.

Chapter 37 – Crows Come Home

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Finding calm waters…


There is something to the surrender to love that haunts a person. I remember with perfect clarity the day I looked at my soulmate and knew that I loved him. It was the most frightening and yet, at the same time, most peaceful moment. I knew things wouldn’t be easy. I knew I would have to give more than I thought possible. I knew I would have to trust to make it work.

In the end, it was the last where I failed.

It takes courage to walk forward. The idea that two people can live as one is so improbable. Everything works against it. There are the different realities that were your childhoods and your families. There are the different interests and perceptions that can spark arguments. There are also the ideals and the shared views of the world that weave you together in a way that leaves you…

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