Story Update: Chapter 36 of The Boot is ready!

Hello all,

I have this week’s chapter. I hope you enjoy!

Click me for the next chapter.

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Blessed Rain…


It’s raining, it’s raining! July has been dry and hot here at my home. The plants droop and I fill my water basin every day for the birds and dragon flies that are finding my flowers. It’s raining!

All my carefully laid plans – hiking and gardening, picking raspberries and visiting, are set aside. I have my excuse to stay inside, writing, playing with mead and staying in pajamas until noon.

But first, let me release this next chapter. I know it’s a slow start, but please indulge me a bit longer. These people have changed since we’ve last seen them, and I want what comes to be understood.

My thanks to Ms Buffy. I’ve worked your editing skills quite a bit lately, and I am grateful for your time.

My best to everyone. If you’re looking for me today, I’ll be inside, drinking coffee and writing about vampires.


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And the Story Continues…..



Hello my Friends!!!

Yes, I promised we would be starting the next episode of the FATE SERIES (An Elegant Death Sequel) and here it is!!!!

Until My Final Death

Chapter 1 of Until My Final Death is now up and ready for your reading pleasure.

Now, a little side note.

First off, I had a very lovely woman PM me recently letting me know about all the mistakes I made within the timeline in AED.  Though, I’m very thankful to her for writing to me, I decided that one re-write (currently Fashion Obsession) was enough and to just move forward with the next book in the series.  An Elegant Death  was one of my first stories and I know there were a lot of mistakes in it.  For those of you who are going back to re-read it, or are reading it for the first time, I am very sorry.

Secondly, many of you…

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It’s Vineyard Season…


I moved to Connecticut many years ago, half a lifetime. It seemed a place of lost identity, and for me, that suited my wish for exile and hiding. I found work and eventually romance of a kind. I settled here, anxious to give my sons the kind of stable home I never knew, but always I felt this place was missing what I’d found in other places – an identify of its own.

Connecticut is a crisscross of highways, train tracks, and anemic cities, all aimed at giving people a way to go to other places. It sits almost equidistant between New York and Boston. It offers a straight shot to Vermont and, to a lesser extent, New Hampshire. People here traditionally talk of traveling to find their weekend. It’s been rare to hear people discuss this state as a place they purposely chose for enjoyment. Until now.

Climate change…

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