Back again! Some Things Have Changed…

You know that feeling when you write with someone and you get so used to it that when you start writing your own, you get this feeling of “what the hell do I do now?”


That’s me.

Until my lovely girlfriend gave me a piece of her wisdom.

“I think maybe we should just write stories together…”



So what do you think? Because I promised you guys Always and Forever and it’s coming along a bit slow, but there other things we can write for you, that are already in the works…

Comment your thoughts!

And when you’re done, check out the prologue for said story I’ve promised you.

Until next time! 🙂

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New Playtime Chapter- The Origins of Ruth and Linda

Brookie Twiling's Books

First, yes; this chapter is filler. What?! I’m being really slow on my writing (Damn you writers for writing such bloody good stories that are just begging to be read!).

But, I’ll work on it.

You know I really want to add more but I’m tired and still a teen so, ergo, lazy. So, yeah… still working on fixing all the buttons (my laptop is quite glitchy when using wp) but should all be fixed soon.

Here’s this weeks chap, just click on the picture of Vampire Ruth;


Yeah, not my best editing.

Now for a gif (Cause why not?).


Gotta love Mr. Weasley!

Love ya’ll,


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Finally Chapter 41 – Finally!

Only two more chapters after this!

You become what you think about all day long


I don’t know who still receives these updates, or who cares, but I’m not dead!  Again!

I know, I know.  Its been almost 2 years since the last time I posted, but would you believe me if I told you that there wasn’t a day that passed that I didn’t think about you guys or this story? Because I absolutely did.  I’ve written, deleted and rewritten, screamed, deleted again, cried and rewritten these last few chapters so many times. Originally, this chapter was going to be about 30 pages long, but I decided to cut it in half so I could post sooner. I was also going to wait to post until I was done with everything, but … yea.. I’m still working, so if you wanna wait to read the conclusion… there’s 2 more chapters coming.

So, what took me so long?

Glad you asked 😉

After I…

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Winter’s Shadow Ends


Hi everyone

This week I have posted Chapter 22Chapter 23Chapter 24 and the Epilogue of Winter’s Shadow. This story is now complete and next week I will begin posting the third fic in the series called Mirror, Mirror.

This Saturday is my first WordPress birthday, so I am planning on posting an out-take of Destroyer of Worlds. The idea came from Mom2Goalies who wanted to see the scene where Pam and Captain Jack find their alternate selves, who are respectively a nun and a eunuch. It will of course be just a teeny tiny bit ridiculous. I may also post a Pammie… I’ll see how I go.  It’s exam marking season here…. ugh! If it’s not ready by Saturday I’ll make sure it gets up the following week.

I’m still writing True Monsters at the moment – up to Chapter 14. I have to say Raggie…

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Joyeux Noël Chapter 25

Love this chapter as well as the nod to Harry Potter!!!!

And my readers, if you are not reading this, you need to be!!

Carroll E.Stewart


Chapter 25

The characters of the Southern Vampire Mysteries belong to Miss Charlaine Harris. No infringement on my part is intended. The characters on True Blood belong to Mr. Alan Ball. No infringement on my part is intended.

I have no BETA, editor, or other such charming person. All mistakes are my own.

This story is rated M

Joyeux Noël

Chapter 25

It was quiet in the house. Humans were trying to keep vamp hours. “Impossible,” the king of the dragons chuckled, “unless you sleep right along beside them.”

His big man had had a night as well. There was a lot of toasting to the bride and groom and lots of boo-hooin’ as Gran and His La La Fineness sat with a bottle of tequila between them after Eric and Sookie had retired. They toasted their baby girl while they told Scully stories about their Sookie. At times…

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Kjwrit Fanfiction

I didn’t mean to “go dark” for so long. Not that I ever mean to go dark – unless we’re talking about my roots, because then yes, I absolutely meant to go dark – but, yeah. Story of my life.

Speaking of stories…

A couple of weeks ago we made the six hour drive down to Virginia to see The Boy for the weekend.

This was pretty much my view of him the entire time.
Somewhat hazy and a little out of focus.

But in reality, it was more like we drove The Boy’s girlfriend down to Virginia, so they could disappear into her hotel room doing things I don’t want to know anything about, all on my dime.

10,000 dimes, to be more precise.

I only saw him during mealtimes. Next time I’m just gonna Skype him, while I eat a PB&J sandwich. He might make a Boo-Boo Face…

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Midnight Cafe Chapter One


The Midnight Cafe. Interesting name for a cafe that opens well before midnight. A small little get away with ambient lighting and tile tables in patterns of blue and green. The walls are a muted tone of both blue and green: The ceiling, red, orange and yellow, is painted in such a way that it looked like it’s a burst of flames. I really love working here.

The bell on the door alerts me that someone just walked in. I see that he had seated himself in my section. I walk over to him. He is paler that most of my customers, indicating he is most likely a vampire which doesn’t bother me: Vampire rights have been in place six years now.

“Good evening Sir. Welcome to the Midnight Cafe.  I am Willow and I will be your server tonight. What may I get you tonight.” I smile at him…

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