Story Update: The Boot, Chapter 24

Hello!  I hope you enjoy this week’s chapter.



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Asked and Answered


Hi there!

I’m sorry I’ve been MIA.  Life has gotten crazy and I’ve just started a new job – but I’m hoping the commute (by bus) will allow me an hour or so a day to write.  However, I’ve been ask on more than one occasion about Deathly Fashion Sense.  I’ve removed it to rewrite it.  But I’ve been asked if I can repost the original for those of you who want to read it again.

So, I’ve created a new location called Unscriptedthat will house such items.

Deathly Fashion Sense is reposted in all it’s faults, bad grammar and poor sentence structure.  But since it was my first story, I think I did pretty well.  At least I hope I did.

I’ll be posting the new version soon as well as working on the next episode of AED.

Thank you all for reading and sending me notes. …

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All Good Things…


And so, the fairy tale comes to an end. Like all fairy tales, there is the promise of happily ever after, but with the hint that the story is not truly over. Of course, for those of us who love the fandom, we know that;s the case. The story of this couple and their unlikely love is one that plays out endlessly. They are confronted with every reason they shouldn’t work; they come from different places, different times. They are different creatures, their families take issue with their being together, and yet, despite everything that says they shouldn’t work, they do. The demands of the heart win and this combination of everything wrong becomes something wonderfully right

I wish you similar happiness in your lives, and I hope you enjoy the next few weeks.

I’ll be on hiatus, working on my next story, Full Circle. I will also be taking…

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