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Here – catch:  a heart-felt (and probably painfully loud so you might wanna step back a bit…a little more…a little…ok, that should be about right) THANK YOU!!! to everyone who has donated to the GoFundMe!!!!

You are the very BEST readers and I absolutely appreciate every single one of you anyway, but your response to the GFM has truly blown me away.  Your support really does mean the world to me.

(I didn’t set the account up so I don’t know how GFM works so I don’t know how to individually thank the fantastic people who donated but I did want to thank you guys somehow!)

A better THANK YOU!!??


The campaign has not ended.  I still have to go for daily super-strong antibiotic IVs (“infusions” or if you wanna be all medical, “infusion therapy”), bi- and sometimes tri-weekly doctor (usually nurse) appointments, and I have at least…

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Story Update: The Trunk, Chapter 12

The charity that JJ Watts is heading up is a good one!!!

So sorry for the week’s delay!  I hope that you enjoy this.

I also want to send my prayers and best wishes to the people in Texas affected by the Hurricane and the resulting flooding.  I would suggest that–everyone who can–offer some assistance to those struggling at this time.  There are a lot of wonderful charities.  And–if you don’t have time to research to find a good one–the Red Cross is a good go-to in times like this.



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Update Playing With Fire

Harley's Thought's

Okay, I know you’re used to getting two to three chapters at a time for this story. The second one should be up hopefully tomorrow. I will be posting one of my newsflashes explaining what’s going on (to the best of my ability) and give you a list of what to expect over the weekend.

For now, I give you this…

Chapter 20 Supermarket Flowers

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Update soon – Walk With Me

~ American Android

Hi Everyone. I know I’ve been gone a long time.  I am working on the next chapter of walk with me. I’m on the third draft now, tweaking it, and I have one more scene to add. I hope to have it out within a week. I appreciate all your comments, reviews, and excitement for my stories and I don’t mean to leave anyone hanging I’ve just had writers block for awhile. It doesn’t come easy for me and I have to work hard on chapters and not rush them so they don’t end up with too much raunchie humor and ruin the chapter. You know me!

Anyway I hope you are looking forward to the next chapter of Walk with me. This is chapter 6 I believe. Chapter 5 is available in full on ff. Ch 6 is a pretty exciting chapter and was so fun to write.

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