Annnndddd….. they finally meet!!!


Next chapter of Fashion Obsession up and ready for you.

Yup – a lot of you said you couldn’t wait until Eric and Sookie finally meet.  Well, here they are (big smile on my face).  Fashion Obsession – Chapter 5.

If you were familiar with the original story that I wrote, you will notice that this is where things start to change more than the first 4 chapters (which was a lot of fleshing out additions more than anything).  Oh and the Ick factor on Bill just ticked up another notch – there’s your warning.

Thank you Sephrenia and Kleanhouse for your help on this.  You ladies are Goddesses!  Sephrenia – your banners are AWESOME.

Now, I’m also going to be moving An Elegant Death out of Completed and putting it under it’s own Series Entitled:  FATE.  Why?  well I just started writing the next adventure for our Fav. Viking…

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