Settling in…


It was a good mead day, yesterday. Fall has come, and that means fresh apple cider has hit the farm stands. Here in New England, there are two kinds of farm stands; the ones where the family is involved, running things in the spirit of Yankee ingenuity, and those where it’s all about profit. I’ll grant you, there are places that find a balance, but sometimes, our reputation for cute kitsch gets the best of us. In my hunt for new partnerships in this new place I’m living, I’ve found both.

New Englanders can find ourselves charging outrageous amounts of money for items purchased across town, or worse yet, over the Internet, but displaying them as if they were hand-made. We put them out for the leaf-peepers who flock here from New Jersey and New York. It’s our own version of tourist season, and it makes us greedy.

I still…

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