One Hundred Word Count Story (100 x 17.5)—The Clerk

Carroll E.Stewart

conch shell

The Clerk

Pub life went on that evening at its regular clip. So did Bee Bee’s. After her small outing down the stairs and back up, even with Eitilt’s help, she was a bit tired. That was noted by everyone and she was tucked back into bed and all were told to be someplace else.

It was good to rest, she decided as she felt a twitch in her side. But doing a little research would help to keep her awake until her husband came upstairs. And besides, she wanted to record all this new information she had about Keevan. With her cup of tea and her laptop, she spoke to The Clerk. “New subject, King Keevan.”

“Which files do you wish,” The Clerk, began, “about King Keevan? Those kept by…”

Bee Bee sat and listened to the information that was methodically and logically filed. Then she started making hash…

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