One Hundred Word Count Story—The Bloody Reasons

Carroll E.Stewart

Algiz (protection) & Hagalaz(uncontrolled forces) 

The Bloody Reasons…

Once I was past the foyer, I could smell it. Blood…

It was coming from the cloister.

Opening the door…

…there was no mistaking the work of the assassin. Aed had signed his destruction. Algiz, protection; Hagalaz, uncontrolled forces.

Turning right, I bypassed the blood and walked until I could see him. He was out in the snow, nude, absorbing the sunshine and the nourishment he had drained.

Waving at me, I waved back, took off his cloak and left it on the banister for him to wear inside.

His boots by my fire…yes…take me by the firepleaseplease yes please…

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