Galatea’s Descent Chapter 21… time to pick up the pieces!

Fang meets Fairy and other encounters

Since it’s been awhile here’s the previous chapter if you want a refresh, and for those who still have it clear in their mind; we continue on from where that questionable item conjured up in Sookie’s hand (look my banner finally makes sense to you all now!)

… and if I could have your attention for something else, I have a bit of a request. It is hugely flattering to see the number of followers to my blog grow all the time but it would be nice that aside from entertaining you all with my stories that that number can do some good. I came across this campaign on Facebook yesterday and I feel it to be a worthy cause to help out a person with limited mobility expand their world. I don’t know this person, I believe she’s a reader or friend of another writer but please consider a donation…

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