Sunday Sexiness

Another Writing Contest!!! And some yummies!

Kelpie's Korner

Before we get to the weekend dose of sexiness, there is a contest starting that I had to let you know about. I had *planned* to have this ready to post on January 1, but yeah I’m late. Ooops.

Get Inked contest banner

So this contest is all about that ink, bout that ink, no….yeah no I lost it. Whatever. Basically tattoos or tattooing need to have a prominent place in your fic. That’s it. Same rules as normal apply, which I will recount below and will of course be on the main contest page.

1. Needs to be in one of the fandom featured on this blog (TB/SVM, OUAT, or The Mortal Instruments). I don’t truly care about the pairings (or non pairings) in the story, but I will say people who read this tend to like Eric/Sookie, Eric/Sookie/Godric, Godric in any capacity, Captain Swan and Clace pairings. So you’ll have more success…

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